Mockups and the Marsh

Let’s take a few pictures for mockups. Sounds easy right? It usually is, and I love photography. Mockups are pictures you can use to highlight a svg design file so customers can see what it will look like on a shirt or a bag or a sign, etc. This past weekend, the sun came out. This was huge, as we had not seen the sun much for a few weeks.

So off we went, armed with various props and good intentions. And Jeffrey had his latest toy, a new-to-him 100-year-old Brownie camera that he wanted to try out. We went to a nearby park and had great success. We used a flat-back wood bench for a bag background, and we used a stage floor for a larger wood background. Later, we went to a park along the Waterway. It was pretty windy that day, so I thought better of my idea to put a picture stand and my empty frame on the fishing-t rail. I thought it would be safe on the bulkhead though.

Of course it wasn’t. I really hadn’t expected to need a sand trap rake and crab net to take some pretty product pictures.

The picture frame sat on the stand for a couple seconds and then the wind took it all and dropped it into the marsh. Dang. My husband, who is the Best Sport Ever, merely looked at me and asked what we had that would snag the frame out of the marsh. We went back home, grabbed the sand trap rake that Jeffrey acquired while working on a golf course many years ago, and a crab net, just in case, and went back to fish out the frame. It worked like a charm. We even retrieved the picture stand. The frame is made from old sand fences, I think, so it’s fine. Luckily, Jeffrey had bought two pieces of white poster board, so I still have some to make a new blank background for the frame. It’s supposed to rain again this weekend, but as soon as we have a sunny day with no wind, we’re going to try again. In the meantime, we did get some shots we were really happy with. 

And here’s the point — whether it’s crafting, taking your crafting into the business world, or whatever you do in life — keep trying new things. Sometimes they work out fabulously. Sometimes you drop stuff in the marsh, and that’s okay. Clean up your mess, keep smiling and try again. Happy crafting! 

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